ACCESS Capabilities
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Addiction Services

ACCESS Capabilities, Inc. continues to offer affordable services for the recovery and prevention of substance abuse and addiction. To facilitate this ACCESS offers the following professional services:
Individual and Group Counseling
Family and Couples Counseling
Chemical Dependency Recovery Skills
Family Recovery Skills
Life Skills
Introduction to the 12-Step Program Philosophy
Referral to other services and providers
Intensive Services

ACCESS Capabilities offers three Intensive service programs:

Intensive Outpatient Services

Low Intensity Outpatient Services

Outpatient Services
Early Intervention

Early Intervention is a level of treatment where a person's use of substances is neither prolonged nor intense. Usually this behavior can be effectively addressed through brief interventions focused on psycho-educational information.

Recovery Introduction

This level of treatment is effective at addressing the issues of individuals who have had repeated issues with drugs or alcohol but do not meet the criteria for intensive services.
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